An important requirement for successful treatment is close cooperation of oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, specialists in nuclear medicine and radiation therapists. The therapy that is used is chosen on an individual basis. But it is guaranteed that in Austria only the most modern, most effective and best therapy will be recommended to you.


According to the individual situation, patients are offered participation in front line studies as well as individualized forms of treatment. With personalized cancer treatment, our experts target specific molecules that allow cancer cells to grow and spread in the body. Researchers find new targets every year and create and test new drugs for these targets

Chemotherapy can be used before operations (to shrink tumours) or after operations (to prevent or eliminate metastases).

Immunotherapy blocks important biochemical signalling cascades and supports the immune system.

Targeted (personalized) therapy

Radiation is normally combined with an operation and/or chemotherapy. The goal is to destroy the tumour and/or any other tumour cells that are still in existence.

Hormone therapy should restrict cancer growth and can be used on a long-term basis.

Innovative Oncological Surgery
Oncological breast surgery, breast reconstruction
Hepatic and biliary oncological surgery
Oncological surgery of the lower gastrointestinal and colorectal tract
Spinal tumour surgery
Gastric cancer surgery
Thoracic surgery

OncoCare ensures that you will receive an individualized treatment for your own particularity. In order to receive your best treatment option, you need to get in contact with us and we will guide you in this process.

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